Our path and everyone else’s

It’s easy to confuse what is and what ought to be when things have worked out in your favor.

That’s why everyone who grew up with money has an opinion to fix poverty. It worked for me, why couldn’t it work for them? Yet, if you grew up with money, you can only imagine life without means.

It’s difficult to say what you would do if you weren’t taught money was a tool or grew up in an environment where you weren’t told to believe in yourself. How can you ever take chances if you never had the resources to survive your mistakes? Half the U.S. doesn’t even vote and yet what would it be like to live under a dictatorship?

Our path to safety and security and equality is far different from everyone else’s. Instead of judging the decisions of others, we would be better served to be curious, ask questions, and grab a shovel (get to work).