“I’m not allowed”

So what?

Authority is an illusion.

You don’t need a bigger badge to care.

If it is going to help someone take a giant leap or do something they never thought they could do, then why not?

One great misconception about authority: We think that more authority means more control, that you can make more decisions. In reality, most people in positions of authority spend their time making decisions that are popular rather than important.

[That SOP that doesn’t make any sense to anyone in the office, why are you still doing it? Did someone create this procedure to make things better or to keep the boss happy?]


It is wrongly called entitlement, cupidity and materialism. We often clothe it in the equal distribution of resources. But really, fairness is about receiving a turn. An opportunity to have a seat at the table, a chance to show our best work.

One of the greatest economic experiments over the last century is the industrial economy. It created an unprecedented increase in the standard of living for the masses.

Except, since the 1960’s, we have seen the middle class fading. The rich are getting richer while the poor remain the same. Yesterday’s middle class wage doesn’t buy the same life today.

The eight richest people in the world (all men) have as much money as the poorest half of the world. The richest one percent captured 82 percent of wealth created last year while poorest half of the world got nothing.

What does this mean? What does this money buy?

Our souls.

Riddled in debt, this rising generation is looking for answers to be free of this trap. The choice: Take a higher paying job that doesn’t align with your values to live a better standard of living or scrape by doing what you love.

This changes things. The game, the promise that was set before us doesn’t work anymore. But once you see the system is fixed, collectively we can work together to fix it.

(Subsequently, I think this is why Millennials are hoping the Crypto market will work more than anything–a chance to start over.)

It’s easy–that’s why everyone does it

It’s easy to charge the credit card, rather than wait to make a purchase with cash. It’s easy to binge watch another show on Netflix. It’s easy to play on our phones, tablets, computers to surf the web and to lose ourselves in click bait. It’s easy to incessantly check our social media feeds.

Of course, it’s easy–that’s why everyone does it.

What’s difficult is to be the one who cares more or to help someone who needs to be helped. What’s difficult is to make something that needs to be made and to ship your work in the world. What’s difficult is committing to a practice like blogging every day or going to the gym.

Habits are not accidental. If you are not intentional, habits will form themselves.

What important work was put off today because you were too busy checking your email?

Your lambo on the moon

Day trading is a distraction.

Instead of doing important work–the kind of work that brings meaning to our lives and the change we seek to make in the world–we fill it with incessantly checking prices. We spend our time talking about walls, whales and predicting the unpredictable.

Instead of HODLing to something that we have no control over, let’s create, initiate, do the work we are most afraid of that is going to get your lambo on the moon.

Except, it wont be a lambo on the moon, it will be something better because it’s real.