Opportunity meets preparation

At the hight of his fame, Steve Martin was selling stadiums.

But little did people know, Martin traveled across the country for over ten years before anyone came to see his act.

Overnight successes doesn’t happen overnight.

With further examination, you will see difference makers behind the scenes showing up for years before anyone notices.

The secret then?

Keep showing up. Every day. Even if there is no spotlight. Especially when no one is watching.

Opportunities are everywhere but not everyone has put the miles in to find them.

Critics lack imagination

Depending on the reports you read, to solve climate change it would cost $300 billion to $50 trillion dollars over the next 20 years. For some critics, they point to this number and say, “Impossible. We can’t pay for this.”

Perhaps then, we look at the problem from a different prospective. 100 companies are contributing to 71% of the world’s green house gasses. But, “If we don’t do it, someone else would.”

Another way: Agriculture contributes a significant share in green house gasses. Somewhere between 24 and 31%. If everyone switched to a plant based diet then you could significantly reduce our impact. Yet again the critic in the back says, “I like hamburgers.”

And there are lots more solutions. But the critic doesn’t see a path where they can maintain the same behavior and have everyone else change.

So, how do you solve the problem then? Do we lean on personal choices or look at the system in play? Or both? Either way, it is important to understand that change is incredible uncomfortable. It requires envisioning a world that doesn’t exist. A feeling of incompetence not know what is going to happen next.

We have to act. The environment is compelling us to make changes. Reacting is always more painful than anticipating.

Drawing a bigger box

When I drove in Costa Rica for the first time, it was an overwhelming experience.

The lines on the road were hard to see. Drivers frequently honked and drove around you. The roads were narrow.

I had grown so used to driving in the states that I assumed this is how everyone else drove.

When we draw a bigger box, we can see more than what our worldview tends to narrow.

Speak with action

When words can’t express the meaning, we use a gesture. Amplifying the message we are trying to convey.

“I love you.” And here is a hug.

“Nice to meet you.” And now a handshake.

When we forget to follow our words with action, we are not as effective in conveying our story we are trying to tell.

You have the right combination of skills

What does a magician, a comedian and a banjo player have in common?

Steve Martin.

It took over a decade of traveling around the country before he made traction in his comedy career. Perfecting his craft. Understanding how to create and release tension.

Mis matches make heros.

Decision making

We need to be better about separating decision making from the outcomes.

You can still make a good decision and have a bad outcome. The opposite can be true too.

In the US, 99% of those dying from COVID-19 have not been vaccinated. Out of the 331,000,000 vaccines administered, three deaths have been attributed to vaccine complications.

If we were to play Russian Roulette with these numbers there is no doubt you play the vaccine line.

There is no debate about mortality rates about COVID and vaccines.

So, why are there people still hesitating to get a vaccine?

The biggest one I hear is: “My neighbor got the vaccine but they still got COVID.”

The COVID vaccine is only 95% effective and that leaves a 5% of still getting it. Good decision to get a vaccine, just a bad outcome.

It isn’t full proof. But it very well could save your life.

Get a vaccine and tell others to do the same.

Where you go

Most adventure sports have a saying,

“Where you go is where you look.”

That really can be applied to our lives.

If you are getting your news from a Facebook feed, you’re probably not informed.

And if you spend hours a day in front of the television, should you be surprised in 20 years you are full of regrets?

By contrast, getting up one hour early to go to the gym, in 18 months, you will be happy with the results.

When you sitting down and writing that book you always imagined, are you satisfied when it is complete?

Pick your heading. While the wind may push you different ways having a direction with your compass is invaluable.

Shame culture

The culture likes to remind us that we failed the culture not that the culture has failed us.

That when the system is set for the Haves to continue to get richer it creates a gap.

One that can’t ever be closed without radical reform.

You can then choose to accept this outcome. But that is pretty terrible. The alternative is to measure success in other ways.

Art. Am I making a difference in my community? Did I make something that changed the way someone felt? Will I be missed when I am gone?

Not everyone that who is poor lacks money.

When someone doesn’t do their fair share, why does that bug us?

Because when you get paid by the hour, you don’t want someone to get a larger slice that didn’t earn it.

It’s a zero sum game.

That money is what you traded for with your time and effort.

However, when we talk in terms of community, no one gets upset that someone volunteered less than someone else.

Because we are trading our time for something else.

We used to do all sorts of things for free. But thanks to industrialism, trading our time is our job.

Your purpose isn’t to grow profits. A whole world opens up to us when we find new ways to measure.

“If you build it, they will come”

This is silly. It should be:

“If you build it, maybe they will come.”

There’s no guarantee that the outcome you seek will come to pass.

But one thing is for sure:

“If you don’t build it, no one will come.”