Design enables the impossible

When critics said that humans beings are not capable of flying, the Wright Bros. designed a solution.

Whether we are talking about climate change, healthcare, prison reform, the education-industrial complex…

When people say it can’t be done, design is there to defy them.

HT Abstract and Technology Breakthroughs.


We have this preconceived notion that world peace is a utopia where we can finally rest from conflict.

But if there was no conflict, we would all think and act the same way.

The fact is, there will always be conflict in everything that we do.

Happiness isn’t free from conflict but when we can embrace each other as brothers and sisters despite our differences.

The downside of being in the spotlight

The song that you want to play isn’t necessarily the same song people came to hear.

When you’re finally discovered and hit your breakthrough, you end up spending so much of your time trying to stay there. Eventually, you lose what it is that got you in there in the first place.

On the other end, when you’re in the shadows, no one is watching. Which means if you fail no one is there to see it happen.

Embrace anonymity for as long as you can. You’re working to prefect your craft not to become a one-hit-wonder.

“It’s not a big deal”

Actually, it is.

We are so focused on trying to end this conversation and start the next, we forget that if someone brought it up it means it’s important to them.

Trying to minimize someone else’s concerns is a lousy strategy to getting what you (both) want.

The alternative then is to make it a big deal.

By carefully listening to what it is the other person has to say, how does that change the conversation?

From reacting to responding

The interesting thing about rock climbing is that it feels riskier the higher you go.

Yet, the consequences of a top-rope are the same whether you are climbing 30 feet off the ground or 100.

It’s tempting then to stay low then. “I’ve gone high enough.”

The question is though, how high will you dare to climb?

Despite the fear, you can climb higher.

The story you tell is the life you live

It’s unlikely that someone lives a life that betrays the story they tell themselves.

That’s why we are so good at justifying our short-comings. Because we see the world through our own lens and not someone else’s.

There really is no such thing as the correct lens to see the world. There’s only what we think others should live by.

What does hard work look like?

Hard work is seen by the amount the weight you lift. The heavier the load, the harder the work.

But what if you simply asked for help and found a few volunteers to lighten the load? Does that mean you worked less than the person that insisted on doing things by themselves?

What about time? If you are able to do a job in eight hours by yourself or if you are able to assemble your team and break the project into parts and finished in two; are you not working just as hard?

We have to redefine hard work. The difficult, hard and scary work of our day is the one who figures out how to assemble the others.

It’s emotional labor.

Emotional labor means this might not work and I am still going to put ___________________ (money, time, status) on the line to see what happens next. Emotional labor means facing rejection, possibly over and over again.

Sure, it is a lot more comfortable doing things alone but let’s not pretend that there isn’t a more efficient way to go about our business either.

(We choose to work alone because of the story we tell.)


They say there are two seasons in Utah.

Winter and Construction.

With so much construction it’s easy to tell ourselves a story of inconvenience.

“Why are they telling us to slow down when there is no one working?”

“Why go this way instead of the other way?”

It turns out, most policies and procedures are not made to inconvenience you, it’s just they are not thinking of you.

They weren’t thinking about how you were running late for work or if you have to drive an additional three blocks.

No, they were thinking about protocol. They were thinking about OSHA. They were thinking about getting through this road so they can start the next. They were thinking about impressing the boss.

While we think we are the center of the universe, we forget that we are not the center of other people’s universe.

Yet, when we start putting other people in the center, that is when we can start solving real problems.