How long is forever?

Because we often confuse our timelines.

None of us live forever so clearly the pain, discomfort, and disappointment we feel are all simply a current state of things. Ironically, constantly changing. When we seek joy, we are suffering because we know it will eventually be gone. And when we are suffering, we think this will last forever. It’s a vicious cycle.

So when we are bored at work, counting the minutes until we can go home, we might feel like this will last forever even though logically it won’t.

The same can be said when we use words like “never”, “always”, and “impossible” when in fact we should clarify the state we are in as “sometimes”, “soon”, and “improbable”.

Problems have solutions. Otherwise, we are asking for gravity to stop obeying the universe’s laws. So if it’s a narration, a story we are telling about our feelings, well, that can change.