Saying yes

When we say yes, we are opening doors of possibility.

Possibility begets more possibility.

When we say no, that’s it. No more possibility. We close the loop and what we have in front of us is final.

Every morning, we wake up and act on the decisions of yesterday. We go to the job we are supposed to be at, finish the reports, clock out and head home. Only to repeat the cycle again tomorrow. We should be clear, that is a decision we make. We often feel trapped because the friction to make life changes (like moving jobs) is too difficult to do. Too painful and so we insist that this is where we are and must be.

Flip this around.

Every morning, you wake up and make choice. To be here and now. To say yes. To open possibility. When you decide to be where you are, you might be surprised to discover, things are more open than you originally thought.

And when you can say yes to the present, you can begin to build the confidence to say yes to something much bigger in the future.