Smaller tribes

Johnny Carson had ten times the audience of Jay Leno. Now Jimmy Fallon has even a smaller audience.

Carson wasn’t necessary better; he just had more attention when there were only four stations to choose from.

Tribes are smaller now. Back then you had a bigger audience but with only a few microphones. Now everyone has a microphone (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs). Now we can communicate, assemble the tribe, and share a connection. Now we have choices which puts pressure on those that produce the work to level up.

Stop signs

Ever notice the amount of road signs out there: where to go, where to turn, when to start, when to slow down, bumpy roads, uneven paths, stay to the right, stay to the left, people at work, one way, no bicycles, no parking, reserved, handicap only, wrong way, two-hour limit, stay in your lane, u-turns only, stop.

I know you think they are there to keep us safe. But there are too many of us following road signs in our lives (school, work, debt, retirement) and then wonder, “Well, this is where I was told I would find success.”

Success is not on the map. There are no signs to follow. You have to find your own way of getting there.

For those stepping in the arena

What would you do today if you didn’t have any fear?

Would you speak up at that staff meeting? Would you make that phone call to potentially find a new client? How about that proposal that you have been working on? Is it still sitting in your drawer?

If we weren’t afraid, everyone would step into the arena. But we are ALL afraid so we settle for the sidelines. The cheap seats.

Here is the thing about fear; it is most of the time connected to what others might say about us.

There is this voice in the back of our heads that screams, “How dare you! Who do you think you are?”

It is because we all want to fit in. Fitting in means following the rules. Don’t stand out. There is no need to be brave.

Brene Brown sums it up perfectly, “I don’t want your feedback if you’re not in the arena.”

You don’t need to worry about the critics.  They are too afraid to step in the arena. You are going in knowing you are going to get bruised and beaten up.

So what are we waiting for?