“Follow your passions”

While wrestling with what it is you want to do, it’s quite common to hear someone say “follow your passions.”

But maybe, you’re not ready to push all your chips in the center.

Perhaps, you should instead follow your curiosity.

Curiosity is that still small voice whispering and encouraging you to go create something or to try something you have never done before.

What’s the worst that can happen?

We have everything to gain and so little to lose with this approach.

Walls are meant to be climbed

The problem isn’t who is right or wrong, the problem is we don’t work hard enough to build bridges.

Just because we divide in one issue doesn’t mean we need to divide as human beings.

We have far more in common than we realize.

So, yes maybe you’re right and everyone else is wrong. But if you are spending your time burning bridges and building walls—what good are you sitting all by your lonesome self?

Walls are meant to be climbed. Bridges are meant to be crossed.

What’s the weather looking like?

You can’t force mother nature to change its mind. No matter how hard we try, the weather is going to do what it’s going to do.

Changing external conditions is often just as futile. We can’t control all the stuff that happens to us.

The good news is, we can always control how we perceive them.

We waste far too much psychic energy wishing for the weather to change.

How do I know if I purchased the right kind of jam?

What if I fail?

What if there’s something better?

It turns out, having too many choices is paralyzing. With the internet and the long tail at work, we live in a sea of infinite choices.

We are free to choose.

It’s not something we are used to. And often, we end up picking the thing that we’re used to, the one according to spec. (My mom always bought this type of jam.)

Picking a jam that you don’t end up liking has little consequence. But if you are unwilling to take a chance on something that small, what makes you think you can make bigger decisions when the stakes are raised?

So what?

Online, you can access over 2,800 TED talks with a grand total of one billion views. But the magic of TED isn’t what takes place on stage for 15 minutes.

No, it’s the little conversations that happen afterwards.

That’s how ideas spread. Not all at once. Drip by drip.

It’s rare for someone to change their mind after one presentation. But if you are lucky, they will go home and read your blog or find a book on the subject.

You get a chance to influence them again.

Change is a matter of frequency and regularity.

[This summer, Pivot Adventure Co. was nominated and selected as a Community Ambassador for TEDxSaltLakeCity. Thank you for your nominations and support. Keeping making a ruckus.]