We get upset when someone takes our turn, cuts in line, gets a promotion they didn’t deserve or didn’t adhere to a right away.

That is because we feel entitled to what we believe is ours.

“It was my turn!”

“I earned this!”

Simply, we think we know what we deserve. We think we should go first and then do.

Entitlement plagues us and robs us of our happiness. When we are entitled we are left to be disappointed to what comes next because anything less will be a disappointment.

We don’t get to live forever and that is a fact. Entitlement, however, says we should.

Just because I write every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t earn a spot for a future NY Times Bestseller. The only thing we are entitled to is the work. The results are out of our hands.

Indeed, when we are entitled, we are now relying on others to make us happy. And to put that on others is too much responsibility for anyone to endure.