A flower doesn’t know if it will live or die. It does what it needs to survive. Humans, on the other hand, are complicated creatures precisely because we know our time eventually expires.

As a result, we build monuments, and structures with our names on them so we can be remembered. We build systems and invent new things as a way to be seen. We pass along ideas to create a legacy. We start wars for others to notice. We do all this to simply have a legacy that others will remember.

The system, indeed, works overtime to squash your creativity. It works to have you lay low, to fall in line in exchange for a paycheck and healthcare. It values competency over doing something daring. Yes, it isn’t fair that yesterday you lost time to do something you always dreamed to do. But the real crime would be not to start today, right now at this moment.

You are exceptional. You have something to give and to show the world what you can do. And we will miss you when you are gone. It’s a shame that no one tells you that you have more power than you ever imagined. That you see the world in a unique way and that vision can change things for the better. Don’t waste another second. Make a ruckus.