The final chapter

There is a Portuguese saying, “Ele dobra o Cabo da Boa Esperança.” Translation: “He’s rounding the Cape of Good Hope.”

Which really means someone is finishing their life. They are in the final phase or chapter and can now look back and see all they have accomplished.

Death is our final destination. And no matter how much we run or distract ourselves, it is always an inevitable fact that we are someday going to depart from this life. While this can be cruel, it is also a privilege–a sorta right of passage–to die means you also got to live.

They say death is the ultimate teacher and when we are mindful of the fact that our time is finite, it changes our decision-making. To not waste a moment. To not stress about TPS reports, trivial spats and sitting in traffic. You can instead pour your focus on doing the thing you have always been afraid to do. And why not? You don’t want to round the cape without leaving something undone on the table.