Money isn’t everything

Rather than see his art hang in some aristocrat’s house, Banksy self-destructed his own painting sending a message to the world that art isn’t for sale.

To be an artist is to see things that others can’t see.

And in a highly capitalistic focused world, it pollutes and clouds are judgment when we are constantly seeing things in dollars and cents.

When we remove money from the equation, what then? What do you do?

But again, someone without any money will say, “Of course, it doesn’t matter to you–you probably grew up with it around.”


Money indeed opens doors to healthcare, education, status, security, flexibility, and possibilities. While necessary, after a certain amount it won’t be the thing that makes us happy either. As the saying goes, “Some people are so poor all they have is money.”

You need it until you don’t. This goes back to the question above, what then? What is the next part of your story?