A note about tolerance

I’ve written in the past about how I don’t believe in luck. I have dramatically changed my mind of this.

Luck has so much to do with where we are and who we have become. Luck plays such a factor in the choices in front of us. It’s luck when I didn’t choose the color of my skin and yet has opened so many doors of possibility. It’s luck when I was born in a position of power or given the benefit of the doubt.

What’s important to understand is if I wrote do I have to stay with it? Do I have the courage to admit I was wrong and pivot directions?

There are lots of things I have been wrong about. Most of the time I am wrong rather than right. As a culture do we have the tolerance for people to change their minds? Do we have a path for people to backtrack? An invitation to sit on the other side of the table?

If we just want to prove everyone that we are right, then we won’t allow the space for people to be wrong either.