Risk and inconsistency

It’s inconsistent to send our kids to school to learn about science while telling them to ignore the science behind vaccines and mask wearing.

If we are going to ignore the health department recommendations, why even have one?

Vaccine passports are not new. Take a look at what we currently require students to have before attending school:

“I worry about the oxygen levels getting to my kids brain.” Yet, some will let their kids play outside during dangerous air quality index levels (AQI).

For those who are LDS, the Prophet is a spokesman for God (who also happens to be a former surgeon) said, “We have prayed often for this literal godsend.” But many will proclaim, “Stay in your lane!”

There is no direct biblical references to exempt from vaccines. The Pope has said that getting the vaccine is “an act of love.” Plenty of references in the Bible to love your neighbor.

Without googling, tell me at least two active ingredients in Tylenol? Most can name one but what else is in there? We ingest things all the time that we don’t know what’s in them.

Tell us how many years of experience you have in studying epidemiology? And how many hours per day do you spend on Facebook? Where are you getting your news?

“But you have a 98.2% of survival from COVID.” That’s an oversimplification of the data. While it is true that out of the 34+ million known cases 600,000+ people have died–you get a 1.8% survival rate. However, the average for the entire country cannot be used to calculate an individual’s chance of dying from the virus. Different circumstances for different people. 99% of those dying from COVID are not vaccinated.

96% of doctors are now vaccinated. If the vaccine is dangerous we will see the biggest shortage in medical professionals in our modern history.

There have been over 5 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered world wide. Where are all the dead bodies? 33% of the world population have now received at least one dose. It’s not brave to wait, it’s hubris.

“But we don’t know the long term effects.” Long term effects from the vaccine are extremely unlikely. If you are going to have a long term effects, they typically show up within six weeks of innoculation.

“But blood clots!” Yep, and you are at a much higher risk for those with COVID.

There are currently 99 vaccines in clinical trials. Not all of them have made it. The speed of which these vaccines were produced are a miracle. And at the same time, medical professionals have been studying COVID for the last decade, many have predicted it would be the next global outbreak and with global coordination (and a streamlined process of production while testing) scientists were able to produce a vaccine in record time. Actually, it isn’t a miracle. It’s what happens when we work together.

mRNA vaccines are quite clever. Plenty of information available to understand how the vaccine works. The virus is never injected into you and it does dissolve out of your system.

The culture works better when we have rules that we follow. For instance, if I speed in a school zone, well, it’s been agreed upon that it’s important to slow down around these areas because we don’t want children (who tend to run out in the middle of the street) to get hit by vehicles. So, we manage the risks. By opting out of a mask, you are not limiting the exposure to you. Wearing a mask is part of living with a community. If you live alone in the backwoods of Montana then that is a different discussion. It’s a choice if I decide to wear a helmet or not on a motorcycle. Doesn’t really effect me. But choosing to not mask up does.

The bottom line: We are not talking about vaccines or masks. We are hearing the amygdala. We are talking about ideology while not properly assessing risk.