Trapped in the system

Many are seduced into believing that if we just replaced the players the system will get back to working in favor of the people.

But I don’t see that as the solution.

Switch out the players in our political system and over time you will get the same results.

Yet, if we change term limits, how campaigns raise money, how they spend it, put guardrails on Google and Facebook, eliminate gerrymandering, streamline the voting process, bring in a third party (or eliminate them), address the electoral voting system…

And now you’ve changed the system.

Change the system and you will change outcomes.

We get so used to thinking a certain way after long exposure time in that system. That we have to revert back to the way things have always been done because that is what got us here. How unimaginative.

Sometimes we need to step out and look at the landscape. Ask ourselves, “Why am I thinking the way I am thinking?” or “How come these are the options I am presented with?”