16″ on center

The general spacing for wall studs is 16 inches on center.

You can take a tape measure and get really close to 16 inches. And if you want to even get more precise you can mark center on your stud.

But alas, you can never get it exactly on center.

You go for close enough otherwise you would never finish your project. As a result walls are not quite square, but they are “good enough”.

Most of the things we do are fine at good enough. We don’t have to do everything perfect to do it well.

Yet, we treat art as this separate thing. If I am going to write music lyrics it has to be perfect. So we fall into the trap of polishing. Polish, polish, polish because it has to be perfect before we move on.

Again, how would you ever finish?

Write your best work and move on to the next piece. Make it good enough–not crap we just send out to the ether but our best work we got. The point is to do it again, perfecting our craft.