“Find your passion”

We say this a lot to people who are lost or stuck. But “finding your passion” points to nowhere and does little in helping someone looking for directions.

You are going to be looking for a long time if you are waiting for the perfect spouse or dream job. (Would the perfect person go out with you? Would the perfect job hire you?)

Last I checked, your knight in shining armor isn’t going to ride in on a horse. The damsel in distress isn’t locked in a tower waiting to be rescued. And your dream job still has deadlines and customers you have to deal with.

These are fantasies. Stories we create of unrealistic expectations.

Sure, you might win the lottery. Some people do get hit by lightning too. But the tooth fairy isn’t real. The alternative path is this:

Instead of looking for your passion, become a passionate person.

Why don’t you become passionate about the person you are already with? Why not become passionate about the job you do have?

You’ve been in love once, you can do it again.