Mediocre work

Your idea is worth writing down. It deserves that much. After that, most ideas go away in a drawer never to see the light of day.

Some of your ideas will be good enough to turn into a project. However, you can’t make the project perfect before you ship it. Impossible. Otherwise, JK Rowling would still be working on the first Harry Potter.

We turn ideas into something mediocre at first. Continue to polish it until it is good enough to change the emotion of the audience.

Artists that progress will always be critical of their previous work. Most of the work from yesterday will be seen as mediocre compared to what they can do today. Even their best work they know could have been made better.

You might be very skilled at what it is you do. Evaluating and understanding when your work is good enough to be shipped might not be a skill that you have developed yet.

The hits are always a surprise. Do your best and ship it. Repeat.