It’s all temporary

I’m 34 years old now.

Still young.

I am at least old enough to look back and see where I was sitting when I found about September 11th. I remember the Great Recession. And now, you have COVID-19, the era of fake news and civil justice reform.

I’ve heard from others that this generation has been robbed because of the decisions people made decades ago.

While it may be true to some degree, I think we are focusing on the wrong measures.

Less than 100 years ago, you had the Spanish Flu, World Wars and the Great Depression. A generation after that had the civil unrest, the Vietnam war and the draft, and yes, a recession.

I wouldn’t trade the problems of the past for the problems of today. Not in a second.

The world is the safest it has ever been. Technology is pushes us forward bringing solutions to problems we could never solve on our own. Capitalism has lifted more out of poverty than ever before.

The problems we face ahead are hard. There is no doubt. But all problems have a solution. Otherwise, we would be faced with a situation. A situation we couldn’t change.

From what I hear from those that have traveled around the sun many more times than I have, “We have seen things like this before.” Perhaps not these exact problems but the kind of problems that felt like the end of the world was near.

It’s easy to forget that these type of problems, the kind you can’t see the beginning or end anymore, they are temporary.

All of this is temporary.

How you feel–it can change tomorrow too.