About the lines we draw

What happens when we put a border around something? We are declaring it as property. Which means someone owns it and everyone else doesn’t.

One of the most powerful statements I’ve ever read is from Raj and Ben Zander is that all labels are a human invention.

Labels drive narratives. If one label is not working we can drop it and pick a new one. But too often, we stick with binaries. Us versus them.

Most labels are silly if we think about it. I mean when you cross one ocean to another, does anything really change? The only thing that changes is the story we are telling ourselves: the laws of these waters, the location, the corners waiting to be discovered…but in the end it’s still salt water.

Borders are a social constructs that have been fought over and over again. I’m not arguing the morality or ethics of protecting borders. What I want to point out is that we turn the system into a game. We track it with economies. We track it with military power.

All moves to raise our status.

Ironic that we are still defending traditions established hundreds of years ago. Indeed, the status quo is stronger than we believe.