Should you learn how to play guitar?

You may be getting up in years. It’s almost certain that you will never play in Carnegie or sell out stadiums.

So, why try?

This is a defeatist mentality that is plaguing our culture today. We have to understand, someone is always better than you. And there are many musicians that have played their whole lives that won’t be discovered. Because almost no one knows your name. Even for those who climb the social ladder and have reached celebrity status.

Popular isn’t the goal here. Make a living, doing what you love (hard to do) may not be the goal either.

There are many axis to pick to measure fulfillment.

Pick up the guitar because you are curious; because you want to see if you can do it. Don’t pick up the guitar (or start a podcast or write a book) because you want to be rich and famous.

Psy achieved that status with Gangnam Style but I doubt it brings the type of fulfillment and joy he seeks.