Strangers into neighbors

Collective groups of people, things and ideas are easy to find. Because human beings have always had a strong desire to share.

You make a soup you want to share it. Your neighbor needs a cup of flour, you are glad to pass some along.

That bond that comes from sharing is how we turn strangers into neighbors. Frankly, it’s what has kept us alive for so long.

Obstacles to share with the world are now virtually gone. Turning ideas into reality has never been easier.

Yet, when money is introduced into the equation, it changes the dynamics. It changes the story of the interaction we are now having.

That’s why when you go to a restaurant and pay $10 for a sandwich, no one owes anyone anything. But when your sister calls you up and asks for $200, you don’t say, “You have to pay me interest.”

Money is a story. And so are relationships. We were born to share. It goes against our humanity when we are not generous with our time and resources.