Changing our framework changes our outcomes

“We are where we are because of the choices we have made.”

When we can learn to accept responsibility for our actions instead of placing blame on circumstances—external forces out of our control—a whole bunch of things open up for us.

We can learn to see the framework of the circumstances we create by the choices we have made.

Not because someone or something did us wrong. Not because of the zip code we were born into. Not because of the things outside of our control. Not because of restraints.

This is about what we can control. 

And what we can control is our posture. When we can adopt this posture that “I am an agent of change” then we don’t become a victim of circumstance.

To be clear, we know that there are those that don’t have access to essential means and don’t have good examples around them. We know that things happen in nature that are completely out of our control. And we can’t discount the fact that some of us are born on third base while many are not.

No one lives without limitations.

Yet, we can still choose.

We can still choose how we will respond instead of react.

We can still choose to be present.

We can still choose to get up after scraping our knee.

We can still choose to ship our work and share it generously.

It’s not a this or that. It’s this AND that.