Is there anything scarier than putting a pen to a blank page?

To know that you can choose, design and architect your life in any way, shape or form. To know that you have total control, autonomy and agency. That you get to decide what goes on your page.

We are not used to feeling that much freedom. In fact, we’re usually relieved when someone else decides for us.


Because what if we’re wrong? What if someone doesn’t like it? What if I’m seen? What if I’m judged? What if this gets me fired?

We don’t have to take responsibility if we give it away.

Deep down, we all want to fit it. Fitting in is a great way to be ordinary, to blend in with the masses, to hide, to be safe from judgement and criticism. But we waste our extraordinary opportunity to put our spin on the world. To put pen to paper.

It’s been done before. Plenty of artists have paved a path for us. It’s only scary because we have never done this before.