You don’t pay your debts in money. You pay it with agency.

Debt significantly limits our ability to make choices.

Because when an emergency comes—and they always do—you are forced to stick with a job longer than you should, work overtime, take a second job, spend time away from your family, put off that book you always wanted to write…

Constantly, we make the cycle worse, by saying things like, “I don’t have time”, “I’m too tired” or “I deserve a vacation” And why not? You have been working so hard doing work you don’t want to do. You need a break. So, we charge it.

Debt is a shackle. Why are we trading so much freedom for a bigger house in a neighborhood we can’t quite afford, a fancier car that is too expensive, TV’s, phones, boats, RV’s…these are artifacts. Status symbols to show off to the Jones’s

It’s worth evaluating, Is this cycle of never-ending accumulation actually never ending?

Is life really about, “I have a car payment so I can get to work. I go to work to pay my car payment.”?

Of course not.

Debt takes away agency.