Honest inventories

If we were to take a complete inventory of ourselves, of where we are are, how we got here, how we treat the people around us, what we can do better…

It’s likely you’ll never feel quite good enough.

That you’ll always feel like you could have done something in better style. You’ll always feel like you could have showed up more. You’ll always feel like it wasn’t your best day. 

And so, the cycle continues. It continues to push us either upward, to do more despite the limitations or…

Or it pushes us downward. It pushes us to take less chances, to fit in, to set the bar lower, to hide.

One of these narratives is really useful while the other gets in the way and keeps us from being the person we were born to be.

If the narrative you choose isn’t working, the narrator can pick a new one.

Because narratives are all invented.