The culture pushes us to fit in. To become average. To stay in alignment with everyone else around you. Follow the beat, stay in line, wait your turn.

We are so in sync as a culture that anyone out of alignment is easily distinguishable and noticeable.

That act of stepping on stage, to be seen, to make an assertion, to push the status-quo is one of the bravest things we can do in our culture today.

And that’s our opportunity.

Most of us have the opportunity to do something every night after work/school to show up and make a ruckus. To build something. To create something. To share something. To write something. To seek out the uncomfortable. To poke at uncertainty. To try things that might fail.

It’s almost a guarantee that the thing you pick will not work at first. The culture is probably not going to reward you for your efforts. Most businesses fail in the first five years for a good reason.

But if you do decide to stick around for the long haul, eventually, you will begin to be noticed. Eventually, you will begin to be trusted by a few. And once you are noticed and trusted, you can create forward motion. You begin to bring people into alignment. Your alignment. By your beat. Your song.

Keep beating that drum. Eventually, we will follow.