How much capacity for love?

We know what love looks like. The problem is, we can’t figure out a way to measure it. We can’t put it on a spreadsheet or on a scale. (Which is why nurses and teachers have historically been underpaid.) No one can tell us whether love had a good year or a bad one.

If you can’t measure it, it makes it really difficult to improve it.

So if there is no real way to measure love, is it a finite resource? Can we only carry so much of it? Is it possible to love everyone?

Perhaps, we could love our enemies, our friends, our families, the un-lovable…just a little bit more. Perhaps, in most cases, each of us has a greater capacity to love than what we carry around. Perhaps then, love is a posture.

Think of it this way: Have you ever heard someone say that their capacity to love is full?

Me neither.