“What should I do next?”

Far too often, we sit back and wait to be given a simple set of instructions on what to do next.

We wait for inspiration or to be in the mood before we will take the next step. We wait for reassurance. We wait on the couch or on the bench or for our number to be called before we will get going.

Worse, we are training a whole generation to follow the map. Graduate, go to college, get a job…and then what?

Life is much better when you don’t wait around for things to happen to you. You can’t prepare for life by waiting for the next things to come. Getting “prepared” is another form of hiding.

Either you are actively engaged in the world or the world is actively engaging on you.

We wait for the light to shine before we step into the dark. But that is not how a life you deserve works. Learn to step into the dark, and then, the light follows.