Is this me thinking?

Describe why do you love your partner?

Because she’s smart, funny, attractive…well there are lots of people who are smart, funny, attractive. You love someone because of how they make you feel. Difficult to explain because these are chemicals in our brain with no capacity for language that are causing this. So, the best we come up with is, she’s got a great smile.

The flip side of this: If you are stuck in a downward spiral, where discursive thoughts are replaying over and over again, its helpful to understand where these thoughts are coming from. Again, all of this cruft is internal dialogue that is busy interpreting chemicals in the brain.

Too often, we sit there trying to make sense of these thoughts that just pop in, or worse, we try to bargain with it.

This narrative often gets in the way from being the person we are trying to be. We can save a lot of time and energy by viewing these thoughts as clouds passing over us instead of trying to change them.