10 tips/observations about public speaker

Speak in public settings often. The more you do it, the better you get.

You’re never ready. It is always too early. Go do it anyway.

Find a space that you’re uncomfortable to be in to practice your craft.

If no one knows you yet—great. Then they probably won’t remember you if you bomb.

Plan on the microphone not working (or the speakers being too loud or the lights too bright). At least this way, you won’t be surprised if something does go wrong.

Hold the microphone dead center of your chest. Six inches below your mouth, 3 or 4 inches away.

Take your wallet and phone out of your pocket. It just looks better in the pictures.

Um…don’t say um.

Skip the thank you’s for being here and the thanks you’s as you leave. We have your attention, don’t squander it.

Start with Why.

If they give you 5 minutes, take 3. Studies show that we will only remember the first 5%, the last 5% and the punchline.