Less than perfect

Simon Sinek in his hallmark TED talk gives us incredible insight on why great companies exist.

As you watch the video, the first thing you notice is that Sinek is dressed more on the casual side. The lighting is far from ideal. He’s drawing on a paper flip chart. And at the five-minute mark, you’ll notice his microphone needs to be changed.

This is far from ideal conditions to give a presentation that would go on to receive 40 million hits. Obviously, no one in the audience knew what was about to take place that day.

And yet…

You do your best work despite conditions being less than ideal.

Conditions are never optimal or perfect. Sometimes the microphone malfunctions, you stain your favorite shirt and lighting isn’t going to show off your good side.

It’s easy in that moment to walk away, you’ll have every excuses to do so. Don’t. Choose to do great work. The big hit will always be less than perfect. Every time.

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