What name do you want to be called by?

There was a stretch where I lived out of my backpack and slept on the dirt for 150+ days.

I also hitchhiked from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles.

And for a minute, I experimented with dumpster diving. (While I never went as far as eating food out of a dumpster, I did recover a bunch of stuff that was perfectly good to use. It’s still amazes me what people will throw away.)

I tried this and that but haven’t felt the need to repeat most of those things.

I didn’t know who I wanted to be, and so, I lived many different lives.

The difference between now and then, is clarity.

At first, you really don’t know who it is you want to become. But once you do, none of the other stuff matters.

What matters now is the work and the mission.

That’s what clarity does. It focuses your intentions.