Understanding micro decisions

It’s clear, that our environment has a deep impact in the daily decisions we make.

But we can’t underestimate the impact of tiny, micro decisions made every day in determining the type of person or organization we’re going to be.

The small things are no longer insignificant if we look at an entire body of work.

The reason that your non-profit isn’t making money is because at the beginning you decided to do something different. You decided you weren’t going in the business to make money first, you decided to be in the business of making change happen.

Every decision you’ve made since then has led you to be an agent of change first, profit second.

Which explains why it so hard to make ends meet.

Of course, you can change the environment: pricing structures, different customers, raise more money, etc.

The question is: What is the arc, the work you are doing, the change you are seeking to make? What are the micro decisions you are making each day to make this happen?

It’s hard to dance on the edge of uncertainty, even harder when you don’t know what it is you are trying to accomplish.