Winner takes all mentality

Thousands of years ago, the question on everyone’s mind was: How do we survive a world that is constantly trying to kill us?

The result, of course, is that the lizard brain has wired us to be afraid of everything. It has created a narrative that runs deep inside all of us. So deep, we have embedded it into our culture. A culture that amplifies and teaches that survival is for the fittest.

The world may still be trying to kill us, but we live in the safest and richest civilization in human history. We don’t have to worry about saber tooth tigers trying to kill us anymore.

The challenge isn’t how are we going to create enough resources for our survival. No, it’s how do we distribute them. Distributing them in a way to provide opportunity for those who are stuck in a previous century.

The new question now is: How do we save ourselves from ourselves?

Those who fall behind can’t be left behind. Not if we are going to build a culture that we can all be proud of. Winners can’t take all anymore. Taking everything doesn’t leave much for everyone else.