The path is progress

The path of perfection isn’t about being perfect with every interaction we have with the world. The path of perfection is through progress.

  • Becoming a little better with each mistake we make.
  • Experimenting, observing and measuring.
  • Listening. Really listening to someone without sharing our own thoughts.
  • Looking people in the eye and telling them the truth.
  • Being persuadable: A constant pursuit of truth.
  • Doing something that might not work.
  • Trying something for the first time.
  • Being generous.
  • Unleashing your ideas.
  • Admitting that we’re wrong.
  • Giving opportunities for those who don’t have them.
  • Showing respect.
  • Loving the un-lovable.
  • Learning to push through the dip.
  • Making better art.
  • Being vulnerable.
  • Flying higher (because flying low isn’t what we do).
  • Making something that needs to be made. Helping someone who needs to be helped.
  • Overcoming Resistance.
  • Disagree with someone but not be disagreeable.
  • Standing up. Standing out.
  • Being missed when we are gone.
  • Throwing away an old narrative and embracing a new one.

It’s a bold move to say you are going to change something for the better. Making a ruckus will draw people from the shadows, “How dare you! Who made you in charge? You’re not qualified. You’re not good enough…”

Progress depends on people like us doing stuff like this. It seeing people for who they and helping them become the person it is they are trying to become. It starts with separating the shadows from the light.