Hold vs fold

Too many people, too often, fold their cards at the wrong time.

They fold when they are tired. They fold when they are afraid. They fold at the dip.

The dip isn’t the time to fold. The dip is the time to hold. It’s the time to embrace tension. To dance with the fear. This is the time to have the guts to finish what you started.

The time to fold is before you begin any project. Fold early, fold often. But once the decision is made to ship, hold.

When we stress, it’s because we cannot see past the hand we have been dealt. We cannot see that we can move tables and try again. We sit there and obsess over and over again about how could this happen to us, how did I get here and how this isn’t fair.

There are far too many people out there without enough cards to play. We owe it to them to get in the game and make something happen.

You have more power than you think you have. Act accordingly.