Connecting dots

We spend an awful amount of time collecting dots.

We continue to trick ourselves into thinking by collecting dots we are actually getting ready to launch our one big idea. The one that is going to change the world. The one that we will be remembered by. And we are wrong. Because our one big idea doesn’t come from collecting dots. It comes from connecting them.

We think that with our one big idea, if it doesn’t work then we are finished. We are done. The well of creativity runs dry. So we wait and we wait and we wait. Waiting for market conditions to be just right. Waiting for the right funding. Waiting for the recession to be over. Collecting dots thinking we are doing work that is making a difference. Preparing for a day that is actually never going to happen. And when we are asked about how our project is going we can say we are still making preparations for it. It’s too big to launch. Waiting insulates ourselves from the blow if the idea fails. Because again, it’s our one big idea. And it has to work.

What does it say about us when our one big idea fails?