Too big to fail: the tripod theory

If it can’t fail, then it’s not remarkable.

That’s what makes friendship, and marriage, and parenting special. This might work. This might not work.

Perfection is not what we are seeking. We want…no…need to have a connection.

Connections help us make sense of the world around us. They are the third leg on our tripod.

(The tripod theory goes like this: there is you and me and a connection. A tripod.)

That’s why studies show that when a couple goes through a divorce they lose a shared pool of knowledge. Cutting a leg off the tripod: if one spouse was good at fixing something, she became the “expert” in the relationship at fixing that something.

When it can’t fail, everything becomes predictable. And when it becomes predictable it becomes faster and cheaper. If its defective, then it is processed. Watering down. Polluting the culture. Which drives us apart.

So what kind of culture are we going to build? One that is too big to fail? Or could we build a culture that we can be proud of. One that brings us closer together.

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