About creativity

To understand creativity, you need to understand that you have more that one good idea. And it is scary to think that we have more potential. It puts us on the hook. Positioning your idea where it has to succeed is setting it up to fail. That when we guard our idea as the next big thing, we are actually hiding.

So to break through the so-called writer’s block all you have to do is release your ideas to the world. Bad ones and good ones. These ideas are not for you to judge. (That’s what critics are for.) There will mostly be bad ideas. Especially at first. But if you put enough bad ideas into the world eventually you will start to see the good ideas.

Now, all that is left for us to do is to produce. Here is the rule: produce like you talk. Write like you talk. Paint like you talk. Play music like you talk. Start by sharing your ideas with a friend and then another. Interact with the market.

The more you create your art like you talk, you will realize that you are never out of ideas. You just talk.

Unsure where to start? Start like how you would pick something to eat for lunch. You pick something: you tweet something, you write something, you snap something. Oh! This didn’t work. Better try again. But now you can get a little better.

The goal is not to produce one big idea to change the world but to be consistent. Consistently share your ideas with the world. Connect dots. Maybe one of your ideas inspires someone else to change the world. That’s okay. Because credit isn’t what we are after. We are after impact, and being meaningful, and being generous, and making a difference. That is the key to being an artist.