Safer or better

Do I want to be safer or better?

Safer is measured by magical digits and bits. Safer means can I do what I did yesterday a little faster and a little cheaper. Safer means following instructions, maps and SOP’s. By choosing to be safer we have somehow polluted this idea that more money equals more safety. This is a trap: that by flying into a cage we have somehow made ourselves more free? In a world of scarcity there is never enough. Never enough money. Never enough safety.

Now if the choice is to be better. Better has nothing to do with compliance. By choosing better you are saying, “I have enough. I want what I have.” So if we can separate this idea that money equals safety and money equals value and view it as the tool that it is; a lot of doors can open up for us. We can start by measuring how we help other people. Did I get out-of-the-way enough for someone to make a leap?

It’s in our nature for human beings to want to keep score. We say we can’t improve what we can’t measure. But what if we chose something else to keep score. Because it is all invented. It’s only a matter of the stories we have told ourselves along the way (the choices we have made) that have lead us to where we are today.