Bringing your best

You ever notice that many people walk around truly miserable? Too busy, too tired, too much debt, not enough resources. Why?

Everyone reading this blog is living in a world that has never been richer, or safer, or more abundant. We have never had this much access to more information, or communication, or connection, or technology, or capitol, or food, or clothing, or shelter. It may never be this good ever again. 50 years from now. Many of us will be able to see. See what our choices have cost or how they have blessed other people.

Right now, it’s not about the lack of choices but the amount of choices in front of us. We have created a culture of expectations that if you don’t have this one thing right now then we must be doing something wrong. (Oh, you have 300 followers, I only have 200. I must be doing something wrong.) And we trade our safety (our choices) for swag.

The trap of comparison. It comes down to pride. And not the type of pride from the top 1% looking down on the 99%. It’s the other way around: the bottom 99% are looking up. And yeah, the gap that is growing between the mega rich and everyone else is out of control. It’s not a perfect system.

But I think we need to spend some time changing the way we think about our place in the world. Instead of asking what can I expect from the world; it’s time to ask what does the world expect from me.

We have more power than we think. The choices we make are manifested by the stories we tell. And if you see the world rich with possibility and experience, you will find what you are looking for.

(Remember rule number 6.)