Breaking path dependence

It’s not easy to take a new path.

But we love it. We love it when someone stands up and says follow me. We love it when someone initiates (instead of reacting or responding).

Cortez in 1519, in a dramatic fashion famously burned his ships to avoid path dependence. (Cortez actually ordered to have the ships scuttled.)

The ships are a false sense of security. We think by having them as a backup option we are being rational and prudent. But to do work that matters requires passion. And passion is not practical nor prudent. More of us need to burn (or scuttle) our ships. By not getting rid of this false sense of security, we anchor ourselves from moving forward.

If we want safety, then stay with the ship. And it is okay to want safety. But recognize that you will have to trade something in for safety.

If you want freedom then you have to destroy the ship. You have to forge a new path for yourself.

So what’s the worst that can happen?

If the worst that can happen is rejection than leave the ships behind.

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