“This is fine”

I was talking to someone recently about solving the urgent problem of climate change. To which they replied, “I just don’t feel like anything I do will fix this.”

It breaks my heart to hear this. That the culture has worked so hard to get us to believe that we are not special and that we cannot make a difference. For a problem that is solvable. If a problem was unsolvable it would be a situation, not something that can be changed.

One of the ways to get started is to understand the problem. When we can reframe the story we tell, we can define the path forward.

Coal, combustion, cows and concrete make up 70% of the climate change crisis. On top of that, 55% of the US population believes climate change is concerning or alarming. Only 20% are dismissive of climate change. To which I say, good riddance. We can leave these laggards alone. You don’t need them to change things.

You don’t need to change everyone, just someone. Enough “someones” and the tide changes.

HT The Carbon Almanac