It translates to “self-publishing.” During the Soviet Union, there were many books censored for the public. As a result, a grassroots effort started as a form of protest by reproducing these books and distributing them. The problem was that most printing presses and typewriters had to be registered. To avoid the secret police most were rewritten by hand. Making the process painstaking and slow. But with time, “dangerous” books began to circulate in small circles again.

I once was asked if any of the books on my bookshelf were dangerous. I replied, “Only if you read them.”

Writing and reading remain one of the most important (if not the most important) tools at our disposal. When we educate ourselves and learn, there is no telling what we can accomplish. Indeed, when we numb ourselves and lull ourselves into sleep, apathy kicks in. Literature inspires the heart. It is why those who exercise power unjustly don’t want to see the masses educated. Just enough to be compliant.