A technique often used to brainwash people. At its worst, some people convince others to not peek behind the curtain. “Nothing to see folks. Move along.” So the question I hope you ask next should be: If you knew what they knew, would you act differently?

Once you know pro wrestling is fake, it begins to look different. The same can be said when you know how a magic trick works–it demystifies it.

If you think you have it all figured out, you have misled yourself to make the world appear more organized and orderly. Because the world is chaotic and people are messy. Exactly when we categorize something new with something familiar, we have just erased the opportunity for the possibility to learn something new. You are shorting yourself by not critically thinking. This is how we can truly better understand the world and ultimately change it.

If you found the answer, you just haven’t asked the next question.