History lesson

It’s easy to look back at history and say, “That’s weird. Someone from 2,000 years ago should have known better.” After all, people had the same capabilities as we do today–they argued, fought, had empathy, and speculated if the world would end. But history wasn’t a field of study or practice back then. Almost no one knew how to read and write (except for the debt collectors). Where could people draw back from to learn lessons? Clearly, it was stories. Myths, legends, and allegories that taught people how things are done around here.

The greatest lesson history can teach us is learning from our mistakes. We should know better. Not everyone could have access to the great libraries of Alexandria back then. Now with a click of a button, we can learn about everything we would ever want. Yet, I can’t help and open the news and say to myself, “That’s weird.”

We should know better.