What did people talk about back then?

Gossip. The weather. How the crops were doing. Scandal. Who was sleeping with who. They talked about threats. The tribe next door. The lion on the prow. They worried about their kids and hoped the world would be better for them. That they would have it easier than us. They dreamed. They sang songs, made art. They worshipped their gods. Some were really devout too.

In short, they talked about their problems, fears, insecurity, the state of their world, what happens when they die, how the king/mom/dad/chief won’t let them do what they want.

Really the same things as today. We just pretend that we are more sophisticated with our problems because we have degrees, economics, politics, the internet, and more technology.

It’s really the same games if you think about it. People are still very similar from yesterday to today. They want to be heard, seen, loved, want to feel safe, secure, want to be fed and clothed, they want to play and sleep and have meaning and happiness. They want peace.

No, they won’t understand what a cell phone is but the core of being human hasn’t changed much since the beginning. Perhaps, the big question going forward will be what does it mean to be human other to survive?