If you haven’t done the reading, why should we listen?

Sure we all have an opinion.

Even if we don’t have a degree or have done the research, we all have an opinion on most subjects.

Whether we are talking about US history or vaccination–most of us don’t have a doctrate on the matter.

So why should we listen to what it is you have to say?

The answer is simple. We probably shouldn’t be listening to someone who hasn’t taken the time to do the research. Because what we are hearing isn’t facts or well thought out arguments but believes.

If you haven’t spent the time outside the doom scroll, you are not as informed as you think you are. And if you are not informed, we should be thinking twice to who we are listening to.

Because no one seeks medical advise from a doctor who studied online using WebMD. No one wants legal council from a self-proclaimed lawyer because they watched Better Call Saul.