Light and fast

Adam, my climbing partner, and I climbed the Petzoldt Ridge in Grand Teton National Park. The climb is typically done over two days. One to approach and a second to climb and head back. We decided to go fast and light and not haul a bunch of camping gear to the base of the climb.

So we started at 2:00 am and headed up in the dark. We finished 19 hour later back at the car.

Here’s the thing about fast and light: You can’t take everything you want for every scenario you might encounter. But you don’t know what you will face.

You could find yourself in a rescue situation. You may miscalculate how cold or windy it is. Maybe a freak storm comes that you weren’t expecting.

So choices have to be made.

Knowledge and technique is something you can bring an unlimited supply of. That has to carry over in other areas of our lives.

We can’t bring everything but we can rely on our skills, our experiences, our decision making when we find ourselves in over our head.

Thanks Adam for the climb. That one was for the books.